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Two Recent Drawings

21 Mar

One is a portrait of my Grandpa Bud and the other is of a sculpture at the Chrysler Museum.


Latest Hedy

24 Dec

This is a larger version of the portrait that I posted on April 2nd of this year (I’m giving this one to my sister for a Christmas present).  This is black and white charcoal and blue chalk on 16″ x 26″ card stock. IMG_5197


24 Dec

Hate him or love him, this is one of the greatest artist who ever lived.  I made multiple attempts at this portrait; this is the latest one.  I’m giving this to my brother for Christmas.IMG_5251

Hiram Powers

24 Dec



This is a drawing I did of a sculpture at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  The actual size of the drawing is 14″ x 20″

Eva Rohr

25 Oct

This is a drawing i did of a sculpture by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  It’s done with black and white charcoal on card stock.  I did a preliminary/ thumbnail sketch that is about 5″x7″ and then I did the final which is 15″ x 21″  The total time for the final piece was approximately 15 hours.  Doing a preliminary sketch has worked out well for me so far and I am going to start doing that on the regular.IMG_5096

Portrait of Grandma Riea

7 Oct

IMG_5050 I finished this portrait after I did the preliminary sketch on 9/18/15.  I used black and white charcoal along with Pan Pastels.  I estimate this took me about 15-20 hours (2-3 hours per sitting).  My objective is to get better and better at doing portraits like these.


thumbnail/ Preliminary Sketch

18 Sep