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latest commission

7 Feb

This one is a couple of days away from being finished (it’s my latest commission).  I am still not sure if I am happy with it or not.   One thing’s for sure, however and that is that I am seeing some progress.  For example, I have been relying much more on my eyes for proportions recently than I was in earlier portraits.  Before I would use the dividers to try to get exact technical measurements etc… I am starting to see how drawings turn out a lot better when you “feel” them more than get technical with them (at least that’s the case for me).

I found an artist that I really like: Casey Baugh.  I like what he can do with oil paint – specifically,  he is able to get a lot of softness into his portraits which creates awesome depth/dimension.  Since I am mentioning artists that I like, David Kassan is important to me.  He is one of the firsts artists that has made me want to branch out a bit and try something other than just pencil and white paper.

la mama de Sra. Maria